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I Love My Life Magazine is both an online publication and a printed magazine that promotes having a passion for life. We encourage others to submit stories on how they succeed in living a life filled with passion. Each issue contains how to’s, recipes,
and an eclectic array of articles of how others went after their dreams.

Our online edition as well is able to introduce the author via video, music and links to their own pages.

We are currently accepting submissions for the following issues loosely based on the following themes: ( of course we are always open to other ideas and feel that if something is submitted, we are often led to publish it)

  • March/April: Hope Deadline: Feb 15th 2016
  • May/June: Planting the Seeds and New Growth Deadline: April 15th 2016
  • July/August: Self Care and Preservation Deadline June 15th 2016
  • September/October: Gratitude Deadline August 15 2016
  • November/December: Giving Deadline November 15 2016
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Let’s Celebrate!

Calling all Goddesses

Sunday April 3, 2016
11:00-3:00 pm
Grand Valley Golf and Country Club
1910 Roseville Road, Cambridge, ON, N1R 5S3
Tickets only: $28.25 ( included.)
Includes a fantastic buffet lunch

What’s in Your Fridge?


fridge_1Everyone has a relationship with their fridge, love or hate.We want your tales of woe or bliss. Being Nosey Parkers, we want to find out about the world and their eating habits. And yes, I put mine out there to judge! (but just before I cleaned it)

Be brave, send us a story in 700 words or less; take a picture and your fridge becomes famous. Or infamous.

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  • Guest Speakers
  • Vendors with Products Available for Purchase
  • Special Services to Sample such as Massage, Reiki, Holistic Practices, etc.
  • Interactive Workshops

for more info, for tickets or to participate as a vendor – use contact form at bottom of the page.

Article and Anthology Submissions

Necessity of Quote Software

For business professionals moving and working on the next deal, Quote Software is an absolute necessity. They are built for mobile, built for piping and built for managing the pipeline. It can be accessed on the run, on the mobile and from front seat in the parking...

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“Lessons in Loving” by David Robert Ord

The author, David Ord, uses the story of The Little Prince as a context for his story – a symbolic journey of self-discovery. “Lessons in Loving” reveals how The Little Prince is a symbol of our original, authentic self, which in most of us has become lost in the...

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Know Your Limits

My disability is not something I talk openly about for fear of being treated differently by my peers even though I am in my second year of college. I look at people walking on the street and want to be like them; I want to be able to do the things my friends do, but I...

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Soulful Art – My Hope For You…

To wake up this morning with a big smile on your face, and let it turn on sunshine inside of you! Real hope is much more than a feeling and it will last even when everything doesn’t seem to be working out for the best in your life. Always have HOPE…...

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My Vegan Fridge

I live a simple life yet I have a lot to eat and when I not water fasting I enjoy my vegan food a lot and it those not come in a box or already made. I have several vegetable garden to grow my veggies in the summer. I love to cook so my fridge is a place to store my...

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Putting Up The Ritz

I am a volunteer foster parent. I have the best job in the world. Socializing and training a foster pup basic obedience and proper house manners for a year and then having to give her up are heartbreaking but joyful experiences. Knowing that my family and I...

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On the futility of writing

Cleaning ladies, With speech impediments, Drink until dawn. Maybe they’re Scottish after all. People on the street turn away. Borrowing ideas from books has finally caught up with you. In your mind it was only research, but you have been found guilty as charged. Your...

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Building Momentum

What a great day out doing what we love to do, meeting people and hearing their stories. I especially love getting into the conversations that matter, and how we all are on the same road traveling together. Funny how all the things you loved as a kid, come back to you...

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Learning to Share

I have never really thought of myself as a writer, but sometimes the need exists, and so I have been directed in this life. As we continue on in our journey to bring light and love into our space, we struggle on in various ways, the three of us who are partners. To be...

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